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Kano State Government refutes the rumour of coronavirus in the state

Kano State Government refutes the rumour of coronavirus in the state

The Kano State government has stated that there is no case of coronavirus in the state at the moment. The Kano Commissioner of Health, Aminu Tsanyawa, says all three suspected cases of the dreaded virus in the state tested negative.

“Against those spreading rumour of the virus in Kano, I can confirm to you that we have only three suspected cases and as we speak, the three suspects have tested negative after undergoing test,” the commission said.

The commissioner revealed this much in a press briefing to evaluate the state’s preparadeness to fight the COVID- 19 pandemic on Wednesday.  Tsanyawa reiterated that the state government has been doing everything to ensure that the virus does not gain access into and sprerad in the state. He goes on to state that the government has increased survellence by introducing temperature screening apparatus at all the government agencies to help ensure that all visitors to such offices are do not have some symptoms associated with the virus.. The commission also stated that the government has used the traditional set up to engage people at the rural area over the virus while the placing bans on movements and public gathering are being considered.A

“ Apart from that, we are engaging the traditional and religious institutions to sensitize the public about the danger and the need to take precautionary measures. We are training our health personnel in tertiary, secondary and primary health care facilities to respond adequately.” 


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