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Controversies trail the state of Enugu disease isolation center and death of suspected COVID- 19 case

Controversies trail the state of  Enugu disease isolation center  and death of suspected COVID- 19 case

The ravaging coronavirus has trumped up some controversies in the Southeastern state of Enugu. had on Saturday reported the uneasy calm that engulfed the state last Saturday as a result of suspected coronavirus case. The patient, who was later confirmed to be negative of the virus by NCDC, has allegedly died out of the shabby treatment received while she was kept in isolation at Isolation ward at Colliery Hospital in the state capital.

There has since been outrage over the state of the facility which the state government is said to have spent 20million naira on. The controversy kicked in when a letter said to have been authored by the daughter of the woman in question leaked into the public space.

In the letter, the said lady called to question the actions of the health officials who attended to the case. In her words, “whilst the health workers/officials at ESUTH Colliery Parklane had to take the necessary precautions to protect themselves against this virus, the manner and state at which they treated my mother was inhumane”.

She goes on to say that her mother “was isolated in a dilapidated environment that seems to have been left uninhabitable over a long period of time. The isolation centre in Enugu is an abandoned old section of the hospital, where the grass and debris were being cleared whilst my mother was there. The staffs at the hospital were unprofessional in the way they handled my mother. She was stigmatized and this made her feel worthless. My mother arrived at the hospital on Friday 13th March, 2020, blood samples were collected on Saturday 14th March, 2020 with results expected on Monday 16th March, 2020”.

The lamented that her mother died due to the negligence and unpreparedness of the state in putting adequate facilities including staff training in place. She expressed surprise that finding a workable stretcher to move her mother’s dead body was impossible.

She concluded by reiterating that the environment of the isolation centre, staff behaviour and the unpreparedness of the Enugu state government resulted to resulted in her mother’s unexpected death and charged the state government to ensure that no other person will have to go through same kind of experience.

While this letter was in circulation, a counter-letter written by a certain Dr Chinonso Odum said to be a staff of the hospital started flying around the social media. The said Dr Odum countered the claims that the isolation facility in the state was in bad shape. further made effort to confirm the authenticity of the doctor who authored the letter but was told by a staff of the clinic who pleaded anonymity that such names or person does not exist in the clinic.

A further investigation further revealed that the said isolation facility is, indeed in a deplorable condition and wears the look of an abandoned space despite the state government claim that the sum of N20 million naira has been spent to get the place ready in an event a case of dreaded coronavirus is diagnosed and confirmed in the state.


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