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Amidst COVID- 19 threat, Enugu doctors head to court over poor conditions of service

Amidst COVID- 19 threat, Enugu doctors head to court over poor conditions of service

There seems to be no end in sight to the impasse between doctors of Enugu State University of Science and Technology and management of the institution as the former have remained resolute in their strike and fight for better working conditions.

This is coming at a time other states in the federation are doing everything to ensure the health sectors are prepared to withstand the pressure that may come from the outbreak of COVID- 19.

According to one of the doctors who pleaded anonymity “at the instance of the National Industrial Court ,consequent upon an experte motion brought against us(members of Association of Resident Doctors) ESUTH Parklane, we went to the court en masse , despite treats and intimidations from the Hospital management through a memo mandating every doctor to be on duty between 8AM to 4Pm. Unfortunately ,the case could not come up for hearing as the Judge was said to be attending National Judges Conference. Consequently a date in May was taken by both parties as a new date”

“We subsequently trooped to Okpara square and after wards to Govt House Enugu.After noticing our presence around the Govt House and after some interaction with security and protocol officials we were told that the governor will be seeing us this evening by 5pm.
The good news is that our solidarity is unweaving and extraordinary as the hospital was literally locked today”.

The source goes on to state that despite the fact that they sympathize with their patients, they could not help but rise against poor remuneration and condition of service.

The doctors argued that their counterparts in other states and federal hospitals are placed on grades above above them.

Investigation by revealed that doctors in ESUTH Parklane are paid 5000 naira only as hazard allowance to look after Lassa patients. This is even more disheartening as these doctors are supposed to be well-motivated and ready to combat possible coronavirus outbreak.


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