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Lockdown Police Extortion: Man shares his ordeal

Lockdown Police Extortion: Man shares his ordeal


A victim of police extortion who pledged anonymity has shared his ordeal which he accompanied with a video he recorded during a shameful display by a police officer identified as Taloju Martins.

In a testimony he released to a Nigerian music superstar, Ruggedman which reads: “VICTIM: Good afternoon sir, yesterday I left my house to buy some stuffs at the mall, and buy fuel as well, I was stopped on the way by some policemen, they asked where I was going to and I told them, they said I should come down,
I came down, one of the police men drove my car to ago Police station, okota. I live at ago too. When we got there I met so many others, we were told to meet the s/o he delayed us from 9am to 5pm and when people became tired and frustrated,
people started going in to meet him one by one, and the least he collect from each of them was 50k, when it got to my turn I tried to explain now way, I told him I can afford 20k he sent me out, I came back offered 30k he refused…
He said he can pity me and collect 40k that the dpo knows about all the cars and will take her share….so I went to the bank and withdrew 40k and gave him, then he released my key for me… Unknown to him I recorded him”.


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