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IPOB’s cancellation of Sit-at-home; why are people still sitting at home?

IPOB’s cancellation of Sit-at-home; why are people still sitting at home?

Initially, IPOB issued a sit-at-home order across the 5 South Eastern States. It was planned for every Mondays, starting from August 9th, pending when Mazi Nnamdi Kanu their leader is released.


After much urgings and public outcries owing to the unpopular public opinion about the whole thing, IPOB rescinded. It was reported that they decided on observing sit at home, any day Mazi Kanu would make court appearance.


It is pertinent to point out that on 9th, the compliance was over 99% successful across the 5 South Eastern States – Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo. Although, there were reported cases of fatal violence in Anambra and Imo States on the first day.


Last Monday being 16th, commercial activities in the 5 states were grounded; regardless of series of announcements indicating that IPOB has withdrawn her sit at home orders. The reports started filtering in on Saturday the 14th, as from Sunday the 15th, the news has been reasonably circulated, *yet on Monday being the 16th, people refused to come out.


What happened last Monday could be blamed on information gap, but what is happening today, has no good explanation, save for either *Fear of the unknown, or people’s willingness to forge ahead with the sit at home, even without IPOB factors.


What could be the real reason why Ndigbo that are well known for their AFFINITY for business, are not coming out to do their business?


The reasons are not far fetched; *Fear of the unknown!* There is no way Ndigbo are willingly staying back home today being 23rd. People are just scared of coming out!


IPOB is an outlawed organization, in the eyes of Nigerian Law, but I can’t say it is the same here in Igbo land. If the people, the commoners, actually agreed with the Federal Government’s classification of IPOB, IPOB would have been a forgotten history here. But it seems like they’re waxing stronger, regardless of the sustained onslaughts from the Federal forces and some Igbo politicians, particularly the Governors. IPOB has been riding on people’s deep support, coupled with the gaping *Power Vacuum* created via gross inefficiencies of the South East Governors.

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The masses fall back on IPOB, an outlawed outfit, the moment our Governors failed to cooperate with the people’s aspirations. What IPOB offered was far better than what the Governors have been offering. *This is the truth, even though what IPOB offered have lots of inadequacies.


If IPOB speaks, masses pay more attention than if our Governors are speaking.


However, it is also true that IPOB is gradually losing her good popularity among Ndigbo, that will explain what is happening now. They are no longer trustworthy. Criminal opportunists have infiltrated their ranks and files, that’s why violence against fellow Ndigbo, is now possible, and the masses that once applauded them, are too scared to believe them when they announced that the sit at home is now lifted.


If it is not fear, I don’t see any other good reason. *No true Igbo person will voluntarily shutdown his place of business, when there’s no good reason.


There was confusion and uncertainties with the news of the suspension last week Monday; but today, people’s refusal to come out, shows that they’re scared!



*Arc Ifeanyi Obute* writes from Enugu. He’s a public affairs commentator. He’s also the SouthEast coordinator of EDON: Eyes on Democracy of Nigeria.


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