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“You are not real!!!” Fans mock Burna Boy over Twitter exit

“You are not real!!!” Fans mock Burna Boy over Twitter exit

Nigerian Afrobeat superstar and Grammy nominee, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy has announced he is quitting  twitter after days of twitter fights with fans, but fans are not taking him seriously.

Burna Boy had created a hashtag known as #askburna on twitter which attracted questions from fans. Some of these questions and reactions had stirred controversies which pitched majority of fans against the artist.

In what seems like an emotional outburst, Burna announced that he will be tweeting for the last time. In his words,”This is my Last personal tweet Ever. I Imma just leave this app cuz apparently I’m too real for it.  Everyone please use this COV-19 times to really find out what your true purpose in this world is, train your mind and Body to the fullest, get Closer to the Most high n ur Family”.

This announcement didn’t go down well with many of the fans who showed their displeasure through their comments.

One twitter user, @ugwunnaEjikem,  tweeted:

“You said you won’t go to SA again yet you almost went.

You said streaming numbers don’t matter when Mayorkun was celebrating his yet few weeks later you celebrated yours.

Ebunuoluwa you are not too real for Twitter , you just talk too much for a celebrity.

Love your music tho”.

Another twitter user, @Iametubo twitted, “You will come back again and make one or two excuses. Just like it you said about visiting SA, and streaming numbers.

Your mouth too loose, and you talk too much. Your fans even mistake your pride and rudeness for confidence.

Go and come back Mr Real. We will be here”.

@lucasscot_101 went scriptural on Burna when he twitted “Small dragging u wan run …

Proverbs 24:10  If thou faint in the day of adversity, thy strength is small.

All these energy u claim, and u can’t stand dragging..”

In what looked like confirmation of his fans assertions, Burna returned to the platform to tweet at 2.59 pm.


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