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We disobeyed government to tell our members to obey government directives – Oyedepo

We disobeyed government to tell our members to obey government directives – Oyedepo

In the aftermath of the backlash and condemnation that has followed the last Sunday’s church service by the Winners Chapel, the church has released a statement stating that that it went against the government order on public gathering to sensitise its members to comply with government directives on COVID-19

A statement released by the church reads:

There has been diverse responses varying from well-meaning concerns to uncharitable insinuations, misinterpretations, and unfounded allegations that the service was held in deliberate defiance of Ogun State Government ban on high-density gatherings, in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing can be further from the truth.

For avoidance of doubt, as stakeholders and as a responsible organisation, Living Faith Church fully supports and encourages compliance with all initiatives of government to combat the spread of this dreaded virus. However, information has to be strategically disseminated to the grassroot, noting that the Church is a family and not an industry, it is for this reason that enlightenment and sensitization from the Church platform is a most effective way to get people involved in playing their part in terms of prayers and intercessions and not just staying away from Church without knowing what to do.

Indeed, the service was devoted entirely to sensitizing and mobilizing members of the Church regarding the danger of this deadly virus and the need to comply with government directives.

The church had come under heavy criticisms over its insistence on holding the Sunday gathering despite the fact that it obeyed the US and UK governments by shutting down its branches in the said countries


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