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US may loose 100,000 people to COVID-19- Trump

US may loose 100,000 people to COVID-19- Trump

President Donald Trump has said that the death toll as a result of coronavirus United States could reach 100,000 or more.

Trump made this statement during his interaction with the media on Sunday, stating that the country may record over 2 million cases of the virus within the next few months. The president also announced the extension of the lockdown and adherence to social distancing in most US cities till the end of April.

According to him, “you are talking about a potential of up to 2.2 million and some people said it could even be higher than that. You are talking about 2.2 million deaths. 2.2 million people from this.”

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Health experts have criticised Trumps quest to open up the country before Easter, noting that the virus will dictate the pace at which the country will move in the next few months.


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