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Those asking Buhari to address the nation now sound like “broken record” – Adesina

Those asking Buhari to address the nation now sound like “broken record” – Adesina

The Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity has taken a swipe to those calling for President Buhari to personally address Nigerians on regular basis, saying they “sound like broken record”.

In narrating the story of his encounter with callers in a Naija Info FM show, Adesina admonished Nigerians to stop calling for the president to be ” a talkative president ” noting that the president prefers actions than words.

“Now, this narrative of ‘he must talk to us’ is a common one in the country. I’d responded to it more times than I could remember.

“But what made it a bit irksome last week was the fact that the President had just made three major national broadcasts over the previous four weeks. And here was a man commanding him to ‘come and talk to us’ once again.

“I threw my own jab. Why was the man sounding like a broken record, repeating itself endlessly?

“Before the series of national broadcasts started, you said President Buhari was not talking on the COVID-19 pandemic, when he had set up a team of experts and professionals, who were handling the emergency adequately, and briefing Nigerians daily. Then he makes three broadcasts, and you still say he’s not talking. He must do a media chat. You want a talkative President? Soon, you would say again that he talks too much.

“President Buhari would not upbraid anyone like that. He rather keeps his peace. And some people have now taken liberty for license, till they begin to sound like broken records. Yes, no apologies. That’s how they sound,” Adesina narrated.


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