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There is a plot in the Presidency to loot the repatriated $311m – PDP

There is a plot in the Presidency to loot the repatriated $311m – PDP

Nigeria’s opposition party, The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has alleged a plot by a cabal in the Presidency to re-loot the repatriated $311 million.

The party while putting out the statement on Wednesday, said that plot is to use fake subheads duplicated projects as ploy to re-loot the recently repatriated $311millon.

The party revealed that part of the strategy of the cabal is to hype hazy subheads and stampede the dissipation of the funds without the statutory approval of the the National Assembly, which enables them to muddle up accountability processes, conceal their fraud and divert the attention of the unsuspecting public from the scam.

The party noted that such had become the standard rule for the cabal and APC leaders, who also looted the earlier repatriated $322 million under the guise of sharing money to the poor in 19 states and had no answers to allegations that more than 90 percent of the 300,000 households listed as beneficiaries were phony family names.

PPD also accused the APC-led Federal Government of failing to account for the $308 million repatriated in February, for which it cannot point to any project, but rather faced with allegations of unbridled looting by the cabal and certain APC leaders, including those exposed to be receiving huge percentages from repatriated funds.

The party further advised the National Assembly to appropriate the repatriated fund.


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