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Sex workers in Nigeria suspend services as a result of COVID- 19

Sex workers in Nigeria suspend services as a result of COVID- 19

The National Coordinator of Nigeria Sex Workers Association, Amaka Enemo, has announced suspension of the activities of sex workers in Lagos and Abuja as a result of the lockdown announced by the government, Punch has reported

The National Cordinator was quoted in a statement as saying that “the lockdown affects street workers and those at home equally. For the sake of their health, they should all stay at home and avoid bodily contact. So, we stay at home but we are sharing materials that will keep them safe.”

“We fall under essential services but ours is peculiar because of the nature of body contact. You cannot compare it to doctors because the doctors are not making full body contact with people the way we do,” Enemo said.

Enemo lamentated that the lockdown will have negative impact on the finance of members of the association say that “ it is going to affect them financially but sex workers are not the only ones that make money on a daily basis. It is the same for commercial drivers. Of course, they might have their savings but that does not mean it will not affect them. It is affecting everybody so sex workers are not exempted.”


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