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ONDO ELECTION: Tales of vote buying dominate the exercise

ONDO ELECTION: Tales of vote buying dominate the exercise

The glimpse of hope Nigerians had as a result of Edo gubernatorial election that was adjudged by many as free and fair seems to be fading away as there has been multiple accounts of vote buying in the ongoing Ondo gubernatorial election.

Eye witness alleged that voters are being induced by the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) with the sum of N7000 to vote the party in Owode unit,ward 9.

This was collaborated by an independent account by a human activist, Deji Adeyanju who said he has visited over 30 polling units.

Adanyaju said that other observers are reporting the same tales of vote buying.

“We have been to 30 polling units today, in the North, we are coming back to the Central,it’s unfortunate that what is going on today in my country. Majority of other observers we are working with, it’s the same thing they are saying, everywhere in this election,they are sharing money. People are selling their mandates, N3000 in some places we visited, some N4000 and N7000 in this axis,” Adeyanju said.


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