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Nigerians not banned from coming to Dubai, other parts of our country – UAE

Nigerians not banned from coming to Dubai, other parts of our country – UAE

The United Arab Emirates Embassy in Nigeria have announced that they did not ban Nigerians form coming to Dubai or any other cities in their country.

In an official statement put out by the embassy today, it stated that the earlier report that went viral on social media which suggested Nigerians have been banned from coming to Dubai was false.

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There were rumours of Nigerians being banned from entering the United Arab Emirates following the arrest of Ramon Abbas, also known as Hushpupi, and his friend Woodberry by Dubai police over internet fraud.

But the embassy today revealed that suspension of visas so far experienced by many travellers is one of the measures the country adopted to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

The embassy noted that the visa suspension is not perculier to Nigerian passport holders, but a general measure that is applicable to anyone trying to come to the country.

The embassy went further to blame the limited travels experienced so far to the closure of Nigerian airspace and promised to work closely with the Nigerian government to obtain necessary approvals to facilitate improved travel arrangements between the two countries.


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