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Meet Nigerian artist who predicated the Lebanon blast

Meet Nigerian artist who predicated  the Lebanon blast

A Nigerian artist, Ugo Nwamama, who uses numbers and codes to decode events is attracting global attention following his correct predication of the heavy explosion that occurred in Beirut, the capital city of Lebanon, on Tuesday evening.

The US based metaphysical artist had warned his followers on Facebook that 4th of August will be a day for a big story.

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In his words, “Today Is 48 / 84 4th Of August”

“The Basket Ball President Turns 59 Years Old Today. 59 Is A Very Cabalistic Significant Number They Use In Their Afro People Rituals. Some Chaotic Rituals Might Happen Today. Let’s See How Today Ends. We Might Get Some O B A M A Rituals Today. Notice How O B A M A Was So Fascinated About Playing Basketball, When He Was In The Office. 48 Is The Total Number Of Minutes In A Full NBA Game.”

“J E S U I T = 84 = 48,” he wrote.


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