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FFK tortured, detained us for asking for 3 months unpaid salaries- Former domestic staff

FFK tortured, detained us for asking for 3 months unpaid salaries- Former domestic staff

Former domestic staff of one-time Minister for Aviation, Femi Fani Kayode, have accused him of arresting, torturing and detaining them over their request to have their unpaid three months salaries cleared.

Narrating the incident to Sahara Reporters, a family member of one of the former staff revealed that the former Minister illegally ordered the arrest of one Benjamin, Diamond and Okikiola after they made appeals to him to pay them three months of unpaid salaries.

He narrated that “on the 5th of June, 2020, a Friday, at Ife, in Osun State at about 10:30 am, our brothers, Benjamin, Diamond and Okikiola were picked up by some SARS personnel and taken to Abuja at their Abattoir station on the order of Femi-Fani Kayode.”

“What is their offense? Their offense is that they demanded for their salary having worked for him for 3 months without payment at his house at Aso Villa, Abuja.

“After several appeals to pay them, he first locked them up at a Police station in Abuja for four days after which he ordered their release and subsequent dismissal from his employment.

“Since then, they have been pleading with him for their salary, till the faithful Friday when they were arrested and they are still in the custody of the SARS at Abattoir and they are being tortured,” the source said.

The family source said that it would have been difficult to ascertain their whereabout if one of them had not secretly hidden a small phone which he used to text his family to hint them of the situation.

While giving Fani-Kayode side of the story to Sahara Reporters, his lawyer, Henry Dimgba, alleged that the former domestic staff in question threatened the life of his client which led arrest by the police.

“There is nothing of that nature happening. The boys were working for him, one was sacked, two decided to leave with the one that was sacked.

“Now they have terms of employment which is if you are sacked, no salary for the month and if you resign without giving two weeks notice, no salary again for you so if you want to resign you have to give two weeks notice to be entitled to your salary.

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“One was sacked and two followed him that they are leaving in solidarity and chief (Femi Fani Kayode) said no problem they should leave after which instead of leaving they started causing confusion within the premises.

“They made noise and threatened to burn down the house, kill everybody in the house and so on. The police men in the house tried to stop them and they refused, when they go outside the gate, they escalated and it took the intervention of the area DPO Asokoro Police station and even when the DPO came, the boys couldn’t be controlled.

“They unleashed threats as to how they will kill the man, kill everybody and burn the house. They were arrested and taken to the police station where they agreed and signed am undertaking that they will not do things like that again and it was even chief (Fani-Kayode) that even brought surety for them because they couldn’t provide one,” Dimgba said.


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