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#EndSARS: Youths plan mother of all protests in Enugu

#EndSARS: Youths plan mother of all protests in Enugu

The #EndSARS protest that has been moving like a wave across the country seem to have caught up with young people in Enugu who are making a plan to stage the biggest protest the Coal City State has ever seen.

The protest is expected to start by 7am at the popular Okpara Square.

In what can be best termed the movement of the youths, the protest has been strategically made to be faceless and leaderless.

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One of the young people who are planning the protest told that the protest tomorrow will be the “mother of all protests” and advised protesters to come prepared with their black masks.

“Recall that it was in this city that the first protest in Nigeria occured when coal miners revolted against their colonial masters that plagued them with injustices,” he said.


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