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COVID-19 is real, Kanu warns Nigerians

COVID-19 is real, Kanu warns Nigerians

Atlanta 96 Olympic Gold medalist, Nwankwo Kanu, has weighed in on the on-going argument over the existence of COVID-19.

The former Arsenal striker has come out to warn his countrymen to comply with advisories by the World Health Organisation and the Nigerian Centre for Disease Control, saying that the virus is “real”.

In an Instagram update on roadshow he organised to raise awareness on the virus, Kanu said; “Covid-19 is real and I and my Covid-19 team went out on the streets to create awareness and educate people on what to do”.

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“The number of people having it is increasing every day and people have to start doing what is right by the washing of hands regularly and using face masks always and keeping social distancing all the time.

“We will go everywhere to make them aware and do the right thing. Giving back, support and helping, Covid-19 in Nigeria is real, let everyone all come and do their bit and use whatever to help with this fight,” the former Nigerian captain stated.


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