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Arrest Oshiomole, APC leaders for violating COVID-19 guidelines, Nigerians tell FG

Arrest Oshiomole, APC leaders for violating COVID-19 guidelines, Nigerians tell FG

Nigerians are not having it with the former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress and other party leaders after they hosted a mammoth crowd at the University of Benin Sports Complex during the kick-off of Osagie Ize-Iyamu governorship elections campaign.

Images from the rally, went viral after it was posted by Oshiomole on his tweeted handle with text reading; “Massive! The people can’t wait to have a governor with a clear cut agenda in the person of Pastor Ize Iyamu”.

This attracted a lot of backlash from Twitter users who argued that the gathering was organised in fragrant violation of National Centre for Disease Control social distancing guideline.

Many users called on relavant authorities to arrest and prosecute the former Edo Governor and other APC leaders who took part in the rally.

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A Twitter user with user name, Abdullahi Jalo reacted negativily to Oshiomole’s post saying; “Not only did they flagrantly violated protocol, they audaciously showed it to the world as though it is nothing wrong.

“Why was Naira Marley arrested again? This country defies logic”.

In a similar reaction, another Twitter user, @_Kayce_, wrote;

“Have some shame Adams!!! Have some!!!

“Despite the dangers such a crowd poses, with the COVID-19 pandemic, the rules were suspended for political activities.

This is where I agree with most people that you are barely literate”.

Nigeria has recorded over 45,000 cases of coronavirus with death caused by its complications well over 900. A lot has, however, been said about the attitude of its citizenry as the established guidelines for social distancing and other non-pharmaceutical advisories have been floated by its ruling class and their followers..


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