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Anambra 2021: Valentine Ozigbo and his revolutionary ideas

Anambra 2021: Valentine Ozigbo and his revolutionary ideas

By: Ifeanyi Obute


Dr. Val Ozigbo was among the few selected outstanding Igbo sons that were honoured by Ohaneze Ndigbo Youths.
Very uniquely, he was the only one that prepared an intellectual masterpiece for the Igbo Youths on the day he was honoured. His speech was an excellent leadership lecture that intelligently laid bare, the practical nitty gritty of sound political leadership qualities.

Dr. Valentine Chineto Ozigbo, former president of Transcorp Group, showed a peculiar political sagacity, via the speech he delivered.
His ideas, which I have decided to tag, “Ozigbian Leadership Theories,” exposes a shrewd, smart, revolutionary and transformational mindset, which if translated into actions, will yield the much desired ideals and practices that have been hitherto missing in our political firmament.

He described the ideal leader in Nigeria, as that person that would be doggedly REVOLUTIONARY AND TRANSFORMATIONAL in all his ideas, decisions and policies. Such a leader, given the peculiar nature of our political system, has to be a radical thinker, and a stubborn performer!

Ozigbian ideas marshalled out the difference between the political needs and wants. It also went forward to list the practical means of prioritizing between the needs and wants.
His ideas are basically anchored on the practical means of effecting an overall change, in a sustainable mode. Change that would be seamlessly evolutionary, with, or without his constant input. I was flabbergasted when he made mention of a self sustainable positive change in an environment like Nigeria’s, but when he intelligently laid out the workable means of achieving that, I became convinced, not necessarily because I find his words interesting, but because his ideas are crystal clear and full of practical virility.

Below, are some of his key political ideas  which made me to believe that his political peculiarities and beliefs, have been conspicuously missing in Nigerian politics; and the earlier such a talent is incorporated into the nation’s political system, the better for us.

• CULTURE OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT ON EXISTING ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE PAST ADMINISTRATIONS: This is one political culture that is acutely missing in our political system. It is no longer news how successful administrations tend to completely discard the achievements recorded by their predecessors. In Nigeria, politics of bitterness, acrimony and animosity, has been the order of the day. Once a new administration comes in, it will either try to exterminate all records of the past administration, or continue with some of the inherited projects with a snail pace and reluctance. This has been the unhealthy culture in our political system. For example, the   present Federal administration jettisoned the 2014 National Conference Recommendations that would have helped Nigeria. At the States level, even in Anambra, such a senseless tradition, exists. Most of the outstanding projects birthed in Peter Obi’s administration were not followed up by this present administration. Ozigbian doctrines, frowns at such tradition of political disconnection and discontinuity. He favours improvement and continuity for sustainable consolidation on human developments.

• VALUE REORIENTATION: Dr Val Ozigbo, understands the rotten nature of our value system. He appreciates the indispensable role of sound morals, which other human development efforts rests on. Hence, his leadership theories features a significant place for authentic value reorientation of our people. A campaign that would infuse and imprint on the average psyche, the fundamental need for sound morals.

This type of idea has never been taken seriously in our political sector; consequently, it has been the prerogative of the religious bodies. But unfortunately, the religious bodies, have little or no enforcement mechanism. People pay little or no attention to admonitions from the religious bodies. Val Ozigbo’s ideas, envisages a more robust means of harnessing and harmonizing the inputs of all non-governmental moral teachers, with that of the State’s, for the political benefit of our society. An incredibly wonderful idea!

• SYNERGY AND REGIONAL COLLABORATION: The lack of regional synergy and collaboration, has been the bane of progressive regional development in Igbo land. Currently, no single Igbo political leader is sincerely pursuing the agenda of regional collaboration and synergy. South East Nigeria, is the most divided and loosely knitted. All the 5 States are all pursuing their individual agendas.

Dr Ozigbo cleverly brought to our attention, the wasting regional potentials of Ndigbo, viz-a-viz the industrial capacities of Nnewi, Anambra State, the commercial opportunities of Aba, Abia State, the agricultural apotentials of Ebonyi State etc. All these, could be articulated in such a manner that would literally detonate an explosive regional growth/developments.
• Ozigbian Leadership Concepts, summarizes a transformational and revolutionary leader with as that person that clearly knows the way, shows the way, and also lead the way; in accordance with John Maxwell’s thoughts. Leadership is all about knowing, showing and leading…
The ideal leader needs to be an embodiment of Character, Compassion and Competence – triple C.
In summary, it is crystal clear that the Ozigbian Leadership Concept, is a ‘conditio a sine qua non’ for a paradigm shift in the unproductive political leadership styles in Nigeria and Anambra State. His ideas, if adopted by anyone, will certainly yield huge practical results.

Leadership incompetence has been the chief obstacle to progressive human developments in our political systems. All the political setbacks and quandaries, have all been as a result of poor leadership; just like the legendary Chinua Achebe rightly pointed out.
Nigeria, particularly Anambra, is in dire need of a leader that would espouse the Ozigbian leadership theories. And, no other person would be more qualified than the originator of the leadership theories discussed here.
The political climate of Nigeria and Anambra State, is experiencing a very turbulent times, and in the words of Pubulius Syrus, “ anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm.” But from all indications, the sea is far from being calm, so a one in a kind helmsman, needs to be hired.
Dr Valentine Chineto Ozigbo is the “special helmsman” that should be hired at all costs. His towering antecedents and track records, precedes him. The phenomenal feats he recorded as the Chairman of Transcorp Group, affirms his extraterrestrial expertise in administrative and managerial capacity, a fundamental job requirements in all leadership posts. Ozigbo, is the unavoidable answer to Ndi Anambra!

Obute Ifeanyi writes from Enugu. He’s the South East coordinator of Eyes on Democracy of Nigeria. He’s also a public affairs analyst, and sociopolitical commentator. He’s also an ardent Ohaneze Ndigbo Youths member.


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