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Enugu UGM: killers of Auto Ease boss, retired judge, others arrested

Enugu UGM: killers of Auto Ease boss, retired judge, others arrested

Fresh revelations have emerged about the operations of suspected militant group whose modus operandi in the South East, particularly in Imo and Enugu States is the coordinated attacks on Policemen, military personnel especially soldiers and civilians perceived to be supportive of government measures at ensuring peaceful co-existence, Vanguard reports.

The suspected militant group referred to as as ‘Unknown Gun Men’ group said to be allegedly headed by Tochukwu Okeke aka Owo, is said to be responsible for attacks leading to the killing of over 20 soldiers and policemen apart from the destruction of their facilities.

A security source disclosed that leader of the unknown gunmen is known to have received huge payments to kill civilians while also carrying out the kidnapping of prominent citizens for the purpose of raising money.

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Investigations revealed that some prominent victims of the group’s criminal activities include Late Justice Stanley Nnaji, Late Ifeanyi Okeke, Paul (the manager of Sunny Bright Motors) and Prof. Samuel Ndubuisi of SEDI and many others.

Throwing more light on the activities of the group, the source said, “They wasted no time before attacking soldiers and policemen in Enugu state. Before the arrest of their leader Tochukwu and destruction of some of their camps, they have carried out attacks on Adani Police Division, a Military Checkpoint along Adani- Omoh road, Ezeagu Police Division, a military Check point along Orji River-Udi road, military Check point at Nnenwe and a military checkpoint along Enugu Abakaliki road.

“The group also attacked a police checkpoint at Obeagu along Enugu-Agbani road”.

Continuing the source said, “Tochukwu Okeke aka Owo has a well-structured band of gun men who are armed to the teeth and heavily sponsored by some politicians who hope to find greater relevance in the crisis in the South East, adding, “The group reasons’ that with the heightened political tension occasioned by polarization of polity along ethnic and religious lines, they can profit financially and politically by pretending to be advancing and protecting their regional or ethnic interests while in the real sense of it, they are only pursuing their personal goal of engineering and benefiting from the crisis”.

The source said, “Security agencies recently raided one of their Camps at Akpawfu-Amangwunze in Nkanu West Local Government Area and several arms, ammunitions, cars and charms were recovered. Tochukwu personal House in New Haven Enugu was equally raided and military grade weapons were recovered”.

Asked to state the connection between the Unknown gun men group and IPOB/ESN, the source said, “The Tochukwu criminal group has no sympathy to the course of IPOB and when they kill policemen and soldiers, they do so for reasons which include, to capture their weapons, terrorize the public, subdue the government into doing their bidding and settling them with huge amount of money”.

The source expressed the hope that the family of those soldiers, policemen and civilian killed by the group, find solace in God and are comforted by the fact that the mastermind of the untimely death of their loved ones has been apprehended by the long arms of the law.”


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