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ANAMBRA 2021: The choice facing Ndi Anambra

ANAMBRA 2021: The choice facing Ndi Anambra

By: Ebube Umeh

As someone who was born and bred in Anambra State, I have seen this state of God’s people evolve. I have been there during the darkest days of the state. I have seen the state metamorphose from the infamous ‘home for all’ to ‘light of the nation’. I bear witness through my Anambra experience, of what an insincere government can make a state become, and what a selfless and capacity driven government can achieve.

Growing up in the rural areas of Anambra, we bore the brunt of acute shortage of teachers, because only few qualified teachers agreed to live in rural communities of Umuchu and Ezinifite (where I had my primary and secondary education) where there was no electricity, roads, water, etc. In Igwebuike primary school Ezinifite, where I had my early education, I saw our Headmistress, Lady Ngozi Umeoji struggle to stabilize a school that had one teacher for each grade, making it approximately six teachers for the entire school.

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I was there when Anambra schools were shut for one year, and how my Alma mata(Government Technical College Umuchu) became a shadow of itself upon resumption. With the shutting down of schools, I saw how a state that was already suffering from low male-child school enrollment had its male children lost interest in returning to schools after the one year teachers’ strike. Yes, I bear witness of how the education system of state plunged into abyss of mediocrity.

As a person who have lived majority of his life in Umuchu, Ezinifite, Igbo-ukwu, Unubi, Awka, I have experienced the challenges that Anambra grappled with at each epoch. I was there when it took about two hours to drive from Umuchu to Ekwulobia; a journey People make today with less than twenty-five. Minutes. I was there when folks would travel about ten kilometers to fetch water in many rural villages of Anambra. A time when Anambra is the home of brigandage; when godfathers held the state on the stifling juggler, when a serving governor was abducted, when Anambra Broadcasting Service was set ablaze.

Unfortunately, the players in these infamous games of nihilism are well and alive today. These men of perdition who robbed so many of us of our decent childhoods still parade themselves as the political jagabans whose names must be heard in every political dispensation. Sadly, these agents of darkness with stone-age mentality are still roaming our political space, scavenging for an opportunity to take the state to the dungeon of atavism which Dr Chris Ngige and Mr Peter Obi pulled it out from.

Today they are putting on a new cloak, forged new alliances, anointed new god-sons, but still posses same dirty and evil mentality that Anambra exists to bankroll them.
Having seen where Anambra has emerged from, there is a choice before every onye Anambra; to choose between retrogression and progress, to choose between old ways of doing things and modern innovative ways of doing things.

As Ndi Anambra move to elect a new governor come November 6th, we should interrogate the ANTECEDENTS of the candidates through a background checks which we often do when we want to go into marriage. We must remember that governance is a serious business which requires being meticulous while choosing our leaders. Therefore, we must choose integrity over pecuniary gains, capacity over friendships, and ability over brotherhood.
While we make our minds on who gets our support, remember that Anambra is a gold standard state; as such requires a governor with the spirit of excellence.


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