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5 Ways of Successfully Running Your Business in Coronavirus “Era”

5 Ways of Successfully Running Your Business in Coronavirus “Era”
  1. Teleconferencing

This model of communication and interaction has broken bounds in all works and live and is now deployed by a lot of big companies and businesses to bridge the communication gaps between the top and lowest company workers. Teleconferencing comes in different models; audio, audiographic, computer, video, business television (BTV), and distance education. Small and medium size businesses can adopt the audio teleconferencing as it cost lower than other methods. Here a phone device is used to link different users and have the calls merged. Audiographics, computer, video, business television are, by far more expensive to deploy and are therefore recommended to the successful medium and big business. Staff trainings and seminars can be conducted using distance education facilities. The essence of deploying teleconference is to ensure that physical contacts and interactions between co-workers, owners, and their customers are reduced to the barest minimum and in so doing curtail the risk of contacting and spreading coronavirus.

  • Take the lead in preventives 

21st century customers want products’ owners to not only lead by example but to go extra miles in getting others to follow the examples. Business owners in the coronavirus “era” are therefore expected to lead the sensitization and information dissemination against COVID- 19. Temperature testing kits, hands washing facilities, hand sanitizers and other coronavirus prevention material should be made available at business premises. This gives customers the assurance that they are cared for and strengthen them psychological while patronising the businesses.

  • Go for home deliveries

Since coronavirus thrive on physical contacts, sales by business enterprise should be carried out in a manner that will respect social distances. Businesses should, therefore, take to the deployment of home-delivery as methods of getting their goods across to their customers. The customers are therefore encouraged to stay at home, get their packages and take measures to clean such products with disinfectant before releasing for use.

  • Make coronavirus-sensitive adjustments to your products.

While these may not be applicable to every business, it is important for business owners to always follow trends and adjust their products to be complaint to new developments. For instance, customer care desks in companies can be redesigned to secure to secure the staff and the client while ATM machines in banks can be modified to produce virus disinfectant spray after use by one customer and before being accessed by another. This will bolster customers’ confidence and patronage.

  • Collect money not cash

Legal tenders are known to be the higheset source of human contact as no single individual owns any currency himself. The circulation of cash is one underrated means of spreading diseases, infections, diseases and viruses. Businesses should therefore discourage payment of cash after transactions. This will save the people at the front of transaction from the risk of touching notes that may have been touched by individuals that may have been infected COVID- 19.

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